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Welcome to Hooping Hips Ohio
Hooping is one of the hot new fitness trends that’s sweeping the country! Is There a Revolution in You?

According to CNN Health, Hooping is one of the top 7 ways to burn off fat!

• Lose 10 pounds and 4 inches off their waist in the first month
• Get better posture in the first few sessions
• Tone every muscle in the body
• Cleanse toxins
• Relieve Stress

• Burn up to 600 calories in 1 hour
• Boost flexibility, coordination and agility
• The 'Belly Pump' - The quickest way to strengthen the core
The physical benefits reinforces positive self-image and builds self-confidence. The key to turning things around is finding something that moves you.

Contact us for more information & hula hoop purchase and fitting Gerri McCully 216-214-6234 or gerrimc@hoopinghipsOhio.com.


1 Monticello Boulevard (at Mayfield Road) Cleveland Heights, OH 44118 
Day: Saturday - Time: 11: 00 am - 12:00 pm
Jan 11 - Feb 16 (6 classes)

It’s Direction – It’s Expression – It’s Hope – It’s A Way Out – It’s a Way of Life!

Disclaimer: Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. You are assuming all risk of personal injury and/or death resulting from performing the movements presented. Before starting this or any other physical fitness program you should first consult with a doctor. You may experience bruising when learning how to hoop. It is also common to get hit with the hoop when attempting new moves. Please understand that no owner, teacher, or affiliate is responsible for any injuries that occur from the use of these hula hoops and instructions.

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"Learning the hoop is about seeing the possibilities"
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